Your Beauty: A blessing


The total package of beauty is a blessing to a woman which attracts people to her and grants her favour. A beautiful woman is also trusted faster.

Doubt me, observe beautiful people in a crowd and see how easily they get things. 



So back to the matter.

A woman should take care of her outer (private and public) and inner beauty.



A woman should strive to look good/put together at all times (I know it is not easy, I am still learning myself and fine girl na money). This part is relatively easy as beautifully dressed women are everywhere especially at functions. The parts we will consider are:
1. Hair: The hair is the glory of a woman. Dress your hair well and keep it neat. If you sweat a lot, run away from wearing weaves for a long time or just so braids/wigs. Ensure that your hair styles properly fit the frame of your face and complexion. You see some very dark complexioned ladies spot red hair and you wonder if they are auditioning for the part of devil in a drama. It also seems extra long braids (I love waist length braids) is in vogue and I must say they are very trashy especially from behind. Any braids past your waist dropping to your bum is a no. It looks weird.

2. Clothes: Dress how you want to be addressed. Don’t dress like a slut and expect to be treated like a queen, it doesn’t work. There is a reason why you would leave an agbero looking man to ask a gentleman for directions when you are stranded. There is also a reason why you would engage the agbero instead of the gentleman when you want someone to push your car. Also know your statue (pear, hourglass, apple and square) and dress your self accordingly.

A wiggle dress would complement an hourglass and look ridiculous on a apple shaped woman. Forget all those Facebook likes and dress well. If your legs are not straight, leave short skirts alone; if your upper part is bigger than the lower part, biko leave skinny jeans alone. Also, wearing yoga pants about is trashy; exposing camel toes, wearing dresses and trousers that show the outline of your underwear or butt is no no. If you know you have water bumbum, leave those tight Aba skirts/gowns and trousers alone.


It makes your butt look very ridiculous and ‘expired’ (for lack of better word). Your attire should not be too tight or too loose. Fitted is the word baby. Also, some clothes makes a woman look womanly, go for them. Leave sagging to the agberos and low waist jeans. From observation, the best type of jeans is the ‘stock jeans’. It is firm and holds your body well while allowing you breathe.

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3. Shoes: Wear shoes you are comfy in especially when going to a place for the first time. Enough said. 

4. Makeup: Some ladies fancy heavy makeup every day which is absurd. There should be a ‘party face’ and ‘everyday face’ so your pores can breathe. Some others (like me 


) never put anything on their face. Well one of the differences of men and women. Because of the speciality of our bodies, we really cannot pull off just up and about on our faces. A little ponds powder and coloured gloss works wonders for me. For our sisters who believe it is a sin to do so, ponds powder and transparent gloss/lip balm and well brushed eyebrows works well. We need to groom our faces. Also, every complexion has corresponding shades in all products so go for your shade. No fanta face and coke body please. Please note the type of makeup for your skin type so that under stress and strain, the foundation doesn’t give way.


This is where a number of ladies have issues. They take care of their clothes more than themselves forgetting that our bodies needs to be right. Also alot of women put more effort for outsiders (outer public beauty) than their lovers re husbands at home (outer private beauty). We need to care for the private beauty that our husbands literally can’t get their hand off. You know how appealing to the eyes and heart beautiful babies are? You just want to carry them all the time. 

1. Face: Have a cleanser, toner and mositurizer for your face. If you can afford it, get seperate face creams for your face. If your face is fresh, you do not need to build foundations with POP and buckets of paint all the time. Avoid using the same sponge for face and body. Stop frowning so the face is not wrinkled. If you must always be under the sun, get a straw hat. I got one for N400 at Marina PEP

2. Body: Invest in a good body lotion and it is best to apply your lotion when your body is a little bit wet so it locks in the moisture. Eat well and drink a lot of water. Stop abusing your body with drugs, alcohol, over eating, tattoos, bleaching, abortions, too much pills, STDs, multiple sex partners, too rough sex, multiple piercings etc. It is the body you have at birth that will carry you for as long as you live. I cringe when I see well dressed women with dry skin/ feet. Bathe regularly and take time to cream almost all parts of your body.

Also note:

Pamper your body regularly with massages and DIY treatments. E.g. a lady here posted palm oil therapy; apply palm oil on clean body, leave for 15mins and wash off with black soap. Take care of your lady parts; change undies at least everyday; lather all nooks of your body while bathing; no jumping out of the bathroom after 5mins except during emergencies. Clean your nails and paint them if you are so inclined.


If you prepare something that has a strong scent, washing a little cloth helps rid off the smell and keep your nails clean. Also take good care of your feet and go for pedicure sessions or DIY with warm water, cucumber and any lotion e.g. Pears. I also mixed my cream with olive oil for additional moisture. I see some ladies flaunt chest hairs. Pleaseeeeee, SCRAP it off and cover your chest. Some ladies are raising the bar to shave their legs and we are still feeling funky with chest and armpit hairs, biko. Pamper your skin and yourself, it makes you more sensual and awakens your sexuality. A win situation for you and oga 


3. Hair: Some people’s hair ooze heat underneath their wigs, weaves and braids. At least every week, clean your scalp with cotton wool and cleaner to rid off the smell and heat. If you are carrying your hair, wash regularly and add simple treatment (olive oil on damp hair and shea butter afterwards keeps the hair soft and healthy. 

B. INNER BEAUTY: Wear a smile, no wrinkles, be kind, understanding, gentle, no agbero talking and shouting or too loud laughter, you are not an hyena. Also lay off the swear words and masculine gestures. Don’t compete with Ajah touts in mannerisms and street slangs.


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