Couple recreates picture after 51 years

A facebook page Cera Inspires Network shared a picture of couple who recreated there honey moon picture after 51 years.

The couple went to the location were they spent there honey moon in 1963, they maintain same posture wearing same smile.

The post attracted comments like:

“What a blessing to take that picture in the same place so many years later.
My husband and me are going on 39 yrs come Nov.”

” It good time and moment but do they know Christ well? , if not their 51st has nothing to do with heaven. Because if they make it to heaven they will become brother and sister”

” many Nigerian men can do this or think of this?condition of the pocket cannot even let them rememeber or perhaps our Nigerian men are too local for this.”

“God please may my husband and l celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary”

“Congrats, my wife and I have been married 53 years”

“The first picture shows the couple on earth and the second picture on their way to heaven.The first picture shows love while the second picture shows endurance.”

” I have a little question though. Why are water maps on the rocks in both photos identical? Shouldn’t they be dry or different after 51 years? Something ain’t right.”

And so many other replies. Take a look, share what you think.


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