Google breaks the social Media with a new social Platform

Again, with the launch of its recent platform, Shoelace, Google is attempting its hand to penetrate the social media industry. The launch comes just weeks after Google+, social network established in 2011, has been retired by the tech business.

The most notable difference between Google+ and Shoelace recently cancelled is that the former was created to compete with Facebook, while the latter is said to focus specifically on connecting people based on events and interests.

Cheryl Kahla said consumers will be able to search by concern, according to the writer for The South African. And Shoelace will share things to do with people in your immediate area’ based on common pastimes.

“It is called ‘ Loops ‘ events and events, and users can organize and engage in Loops. Think of them as the equivalent of Facebook Events. They’re an opportunity to explore a new city or meet new people.” Kahla continues.

Further more

In another article by “Google’s experimental Area 120 product development workshop has developed the new social media platform and is currently available. Only on both IOS and Android devices. Available also in New York City. There was no word about it when the social network is set to be launched globally.


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“As fun as poking Google for past social network space failures, in the face of growing concerns that time spent on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has negative impact on our lives. It’s kind of refreshing to see a social network whose main purpose is to encourage people to spend less time on said network and more time actually doing things.” Sam Rutherford said in an article for Gizmodo.

And even if this, the sixth attempt at a social network, were to fail it’s not difficult to imagine some of Shoelace’s features pollinating across Google maps or another of the company’s services.


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