How to Get Rid of Trojan Virus in your PC

What is

Mail.Ru Group, ООО (commonly referred to as Mail.Ru) is a Russian Internet company. … It also operates two instant messaging networks (Mail.Ru Agent and ICQ), an e-mail service and Internet portal, as well as a number of online games.

This company is not responsible for the virus I will be talking about in this post.

My Experience

Some time in 2018 I was searching for a 3D text editor software on internet. I managed to download one from an untrusted site.

The moment I installed the software I noticed there was another app that was installed on its own.

I restarted my PC and tried to browse only to discover that my browsers has been Hijacked by a plugin, it would only show MAIL.RU as the seach engine. My Browser’s home page wouldn’t show its default.

What I noticed in my PC

After this Virus got into my PC, here are the things I noticed:

  1. My browser would automatcally open a new tap showing adverts.
  2. My facebook acoount hacked (I got it back though)
  3. uneccessary adverts on every web page including Google, Youtube, facebook.
  4. Each time I am streaming video, an advert would pop-up covering the video.
  5. I had to click on objects, links, icons etc twice or more before it would respond.

What is this Virus about?

It is not actually called virus, but since the virus has no name, let’s call it virus. virus is a virus from Russian Fellows, They make money by forcing adverts into your PC and advertising companies pay them for the Job. They also useb this virus to mine cryptocurrency each time you are online.

You see, Each time an Advert pops up someone smiles to the Bank.

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How I got rid of It

In my first attempt, I tried uninstalling from Control Panel>Install/Uninstall a program>

Trust me this would never work because the virus is in your PC register. It would reinstall itself once every month.

I tried to Install Spyhunter to get rid of the Virus (This was the worst Mistake ever made).

The spyhunter crashed my PC and I could not access my PC anymore.


  1. Get an external Hard drive
  2. Store all your files excluding downloadable softwares in the External HD
  3. Reinstall Windows. (for Instruction on how to install new windows please indicate in the comment box)
  4. Copy your Files to your Pc and enjoy fresh air.

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