How to score high in JAMB 2019 (220 and above)

Dear JAMBite, Before we can continue with the tips on how to score high in JAMB. Please disregard any advert for upgrading JAMB score. Those are scam!

You could be wondering how you can score high in JAMB thereby making yourself proud, making your parent proud also. I will give you some tips on how to get ready to score high in JAMB.

Already, JAMB starts in couple of weeks. So, I will give you the tricks that worked for me.

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Tips on how to score high

1. Compare with the JAMB syllabus

When you want to read your textbooks or notebooks, dont just read blindly from different topics, Using JAMB syllabus to narrow your reading is very helpful. In the JAMB syllabus, the topics to be studied are outline and whatever you need to know on the topic is also outlined. This will help you read straightforward not blindly.

2. Try to Answer past questions

Infact this on is the BOMB! JAMB is tired to set new questions, so what they do is to repeat questions and change the figures in Mathematics and rephrase questions in other subjects.

Take advantage of this and study the Past Questions more frequently, this will make it easier for you if you come across same kind of question you saw in the past questions. Sometimes, JAMB doesn’t repeat the questions word for word , that’s why it is important you revise the past questions diligently.

3. Use recommended books by JAMB

Have you noticed that some textbooks would give excercises and tag it ‘JAMB’, ‘WASSCE’, ‘NECO’, ‘GCE’ and so on?

JAMB questions are usually brought out directly from some textbooks, these textbooks are recommended by JAMB. Using this textbook will help you in your three weeks preparation.

4. Join groups/friends

If you cannot afford to pay for lessons, there are so many groups on Facebook, whatsapp you can join to learn from other candidates. Sometimes you compare your knowledge to know how far you have gone!

If you try all of the tips listed above dilligently, I would say congratulations!

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