Is Virginity over rated?

Today we are going to look into our modern world, I will take my time to give points, let’s know if Virginity is over rated in the world today. First,

*pouring juice in my glass*

Okay, back to the topic. We can recall two years ago, a Model (Cinderella Escorts) sold her virginity for $3.9million. A Romanian girl sold hers for $2million, a Brazilian lady sold hers for $780,000 and the list keep counting.

I think somebody is not getting it here, and you are asking, “what is virginity?”. Well if you permit me to give you an answer, I would say it means the state of never having had sexual intercourse. you got that now?

*sips my juice*

Being in a gathering years ago, the speaker wants all virgins in the building up, to the speaker’s surprise only two young girls were standing, this got me thinking, does it mean we have young ladies who cannot abstain from sex? or is it that the pressure from men was much on them?

I can tell there is more to being a virgin, and these ranges from Marital life to spinsterhood/bachelor. Okay, let me tell you what happened.

Mr. Ben’s story

Two years ago, Mr Ben told me about the crisis in his Marital life. It was hell as he described the state of his marriage to me. He does not trust the wife because he was scared she was cheating. He wouldn’t spend quality time in the office because he suspects that the wife would be with another man while he is working his health off in the office.v

At that point I had to cut-in and I discovered that he did not marry her a virgin and that’s the bone of contention. She would tell him how she had good sex while she was single.

Ladies who marry as non-virgins tends to cheat in the relationship, and for the men, cheating is their slogan. I will not spend all my time talking about men.

**turns my glass**

Kindly tell me what you feel about Virginity, is it overrated or not?

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