Relationship stories and how they collapsed

I want to share failed marriages and how it happened.

Just grab a cup of juice as we read through.

From Mr. Bayo

“I married my wife in 2009, after we dated for almost four years. She used to be the woman every man would want to marry. I respected her because she was working and earns more than me. I can say she paid almost our bills then.

Fast forward to 2011, our marriage was barely two years, I got a bigger job and I think that was where our problem started. I came back one evening, I met my wife sleeping on the couch, she was stressed I guessed. Being a good husband. I dropped my brief case in the room. Changed my wear and dashed to the kitchen. I was preparing rice for dinner when she walked in. Then I told her I would like her to quit the job. Convincing her that it’s eating her up.

That topic did not sound good to her. she raised her voice and was like, what do I mean? It was my first time to see her in that mood. I got scared and left the kitchen, she kept saying all sort of things. This continued for the rest of the week. She starved me of sex, food and I missed having my wife next to me.

The mistake I did was to threaten her with a divorce idea. She replied ‘thank God I don’t have kid for you’. Before I could say a word, she had accepted to pack the next day.

Mehn! it was painful watching my wife pack her stuffs into the car as she drove off”.


From Mrs. Milliscent

“I and my husband had never gone a week without quarrel when we were dating. It is either I catch him cheating with a random girl or I catch him lying to me.

At a point I noticed it been long i caught him cheat. I went to him to confirm if that was true, he told me he had decided to be a responsible guy and wants to settle down. I trusted him and believed it. After a year I got a call from his friend asking me to show up in a party, I never knew the party was actually for me. Harry me out, he knelt down as he proposed to me with a Diamond ring.

We only lasted for five years before we broke up. This time I caught him with my neighbor on my bed, I could not bear it but to leave the house for him.”

From Mr. Samuel

“My friends would always call us love birds because my wife always stick to me. Maybe because I had the money and would give her all she wants, we were married with two kids before she left me. It all started the day I lost my job and we could barely spend as usual. I had explained to her the reason I lost the job. My boss got himself in a mess which I was the only one who knew about it. I refused to support him after he requested I should cover him up so the company’s CEO wouldn’t know. This continued for months until he sacked me.

The year my wife left me, I had to wake up and take legal action  against my boss. I won the case and I was made the boss in the company.  My wife heard about it and she begged to return to me. It has been 3 years now without a wife.”

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My advice

1. Get to know a person before thinking about marriage.
2. Pay attention to major red flags.
3. Look for someone who shares your beliefs and values.
4. Look for mutual dedication. There should be sustained evidence that you and a prospective mate are equally devoted to the relationship.
5. Don’t let constraints for staying together increase before you establish mutual commitment to be together.
6. Do premarital training : While marital experts debate everything, there is solid evidence that completing premarital training (education, counseling, whatever it’s called) together can improve your odds in marriage

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