8 Ways to make money in 2019

You may have been thinking about how to make real cash this year. There are so many genuine ways in which one can make money, and there are several illegal ways to make money but we will not be talking about the illegal ones in this post.

In today’s post, I will take time to show you how you can make extra cash on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

1. Mini Importation

Mini Importation as the name implies, you import new products or accessories from other countries or online shopping stores etc. Then sell it to interested buyers. Mini Importation is one of the most interesting way to make cool money, you may need just a little capital to start mini importation.

How to Import

You can spot new products in online shopping stores, tell people about it, when you have many people who are interested in the product then you pre-order the product, and sell it to them. Example: Mosquito trap device spotted in Aliexpress.com, I told neighbours about the device and 8 of them were interested in the product. I ordered 10 of the product and had to pay less for the shipping fee. I sold the 8 products to them with my interest included. Visitors who came to their houses were interested to get the product, I sold it to them. Now I have extra cash which I can use to import other goods from online. Interesting right?

Tips on what to import

  1. Phone accessories: there are over 800 million smart phone device users, some of these people have more than one smart phones and would like to buy accessories like Phone packs, Ear piece, headsets, USB storage devices for smart phones, Camera lens for smart phones etc. I bet you will sell these faster and thank me later.
  2. Used phones
  3. Home appliances
  4. Computer accessories
  5. Toys (for kids and Adult) wait a minute, for adult? I don’t know what that means though.


2. Freelancing

So many people are making it big in freelancing. Being a freelancer, you are basically self-employed. You offer to do job for people online and they pay you for the job well done.

How it works

There are several platforms online in-which you can offer to do jobs like; writing articles, making video to advertise a product, editing videos, graphics designs, designing website etc. the clients will find interest in you and request for the job to get done while you get paid. How to get paid? Don’t worry, sites like Fiverr.com will ensure your money gets to your wallet and you can withdraw it to your bank account.

Where to start freelancing?

  1. Fiverr.com
  2. upwork.com
  3. mturk.com etc


3. Youtube

It is no longer news that you can make money on youtube by uploading videos to your channel.

How to works

You create a channel on youtube.com, upload videos and monetize your channel.

4. Topbuzz

This is very simple way to make money. You upload video or write an article on topbuzz and you will be smilling to the bank. So many people do not know about this platform, you go and make most out of it. link topbuzz.com


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5. Wise betting

Wise betting, you can read that again. So many people do not know how to bet, some would end up loosing everything they have to a betting company. Now let us take time to analyze this. You wake up one day and you feel you are getting broke and you rush to bet and “hoping” to win, did you read the HOPING? that sounds more like are trying your luck but hey, it does not work that way. Let me tell you how smart people bet.

a. Observe a particular sport game, check for the team that is under pressure to win their match.

b. Select only matches with predictable wins. The odd is likely to be small but hey!

c. Do not accumulate more than 5 bets in a slip

d. since the odd is small, stake with large amount and smile to the bank.

e. Bet on sites like 1xbet.com because they have higher odds and easy to payout. If you don’t have any account, register here

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6. Blogging


If you are a writer, why don’t you have your own blog and be open to opportunity of making some cool cash.
Though, the money won’t come over the night. You have to work, but if you are good at it. You’ll make some money.

How to start

  • choose a domain name (name that have not been used)
  • choose a good web host company eg. Garanntor.com
  • buy a domain name
  • Buy a hosting plan
  • Design your blog, start writing interesting posts.
  • monetize your blog

If you need assistant with this, kindly contact us for help.

7. Selling of pictures

If you are a photographer or you have a smart phone which has a very powerful camera, then you can make alot of money selling your pictures online. very easy. There is no need for much preaching. Go and sign up in sites like Alamy.com shutterstock.com and so many more. Check them out.

8. Survey

Have you ever thought of making money just by sharing your view or giving someone ideas? If you were thinking about that, you are right!

I personally make alot of money taking online surveys. Common, there are so many online sites that pay.

You can start with clixsense. Signup here

I hoping to get your success stories before November this year.

Kindly drop comments below or ask your questions.

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